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The word retro means old fashioned, however retro in fashion is referring to a particular time or era in which objects – clothes, furniture – were designed and manufactured. Retro furniture has been made in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s and is strongly influenced in the advances in modern technology that had been taking place at the time, not to mention man’s exploration of outer space.

There is a definite sense of optimism in many of the designs that emerged during the retro era as well as a willingness to experiment and throw caution to the wind in matching colors and materials that would have never have been tried in the pre-war era.

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atomic lamp Atomic Table Lamps For Sale - Atomic table lamps are influenced by the technologies that came out of the space race. Steel, chrome and aluminum in all kinds of funky designs paying homage to Sputnik, comets and rockets, scientific developments that were very much at the forefront of consciousness at the time. More info>>
fiberglass table lamp Fiberglass Table Lamps for sale - One of the technological developments that emerged after the war was the material known these days as fiberglass. Originally used as insulation it was used in the production of some table lamp bases as well as table lamp shades.
pottery-lamps Pottery Table Lamps for sale - Pottery table lamp stands have long been favored by designers and this fact held true during the retro era. The imagination of designers of the time, however, took the basic ceramic table lamp stand and began to play with it incorporating twists, detailing and painted surfaces to turn what had previously been a practical piece of furniture into a showy work of art. Manufacturers include Fulper, Rowe, Roseville, McCoy, Pfaltzgraff, Van Briggle, Haeger.
tiffany lamp Stained Glass Table Lamps for sale - When describing stained glass table lamps we are referring to the lampshade rather than the lamp stand itself. The most well-known stained-glass manufacturer is the Tiffany Company and their Tiffany table lamps are highly sought after. We have a good selection of Tiffany table lamps to choose from. More info>>
lucite-lamps Lucite Table Lamps for sale - A new clear acrylic plastic came out of the Second World War to be picked up and used by the furniture designers of the retro era. Lucite is more commonly known as perspex and it was used to make table lamps as a replacement for glass. We have a large range of Lucite table lamps to choose from. More info>>
Accent Table Lamp Accent Table Lamps for sale - When trying to add style and sophistication along with some light to the room there is a style of lamp that will give you both in one package. Accent table lamps are designed to provide. More info>>
alabaster-table-lamp-1 Alabaster Table Lamps for sale: One of the more interesting types of table lamps available in stores is the alabaster table lamp. We are so used to seeing lamps with darkened lamp bases...More info>>
Antique Table Lamps for sale - The beauty and elegance of lamps that have been treasured over many years are much sought after by today’s collectors. Many lamps tell a story...More info>>
Asian Table Lamps for sale - One of the more distinctive styles of table lamps from the retro era is the Asian table lamp which has a versatile yet difficult to pinpoint point of view...More info>>
Beaded Table Lamps for sale - Beaded table lamps mean different things to different people. Some people immediately think of the lamp shade and the possibility of beaded crystals hanging...More info>>
Bedside Table Lamps for sale - For some people the choice of bedside table lamp is simply a matter of choosing function over form, not worrying terribly much what the lamp looks like as long as it allows...More info>>
Black Table Lamps for sale - Black is a mood color and it is a color of simple elegance and refinement. It reflects a mood and makes a statement and as the color of a lamp it is a bold contrast...More info>>
bronze-table-lamp-1 Bronze Table Lamps for sale - A particularly attractive metal and one that is used extensively for decorative furniture items is bronze. There are many examples of exquisite bronze table lamps...More info>>
buffet-table-lamp-french Buffet Table Lamps for sale - Buffet table lamps take you back to a past era when the sideboard or the buffet was a fixture in most dining rooms and required a decorative feature...More info>>
  Ceramic Table Lamps for sale - The vast array of ceramic table lamps that were fashioned during the retro era are perfect for today with the faint hint that they come from a past...More info>>
  Crystal Table Lamps for sale - Thoughts of a chandelier bring to mind a very expensive and ornate looking lighting feature found in some of the largest and richest homes in the world...More info>>
  Danish Style Table Lamps for sale - Danish design furniture emphasizes the contemporary classic furniture from Scandinavia. It applies to industrial design in furniture and table lamps that...More info>>
  Decorative Table Lamps for sale - There are usually two reasons for buying a table lamp. The first of those reasons is to provide a movable source of illumination to a particular part of a room...More info>>
Eames Era Table Lamps for sale - The use of the descriptive term Eames Era nowadays can refer to any item of furniture that was made between 1938 and 1970, which are the years that Charles Eames...More info>>
Glass Table Lamps for sale - When referring to glass retro table lamps, we are usually referring to the lamp stand that is made predominantly of glass...More info>>
Gooseneck Table Lamps for sale - Among the desk lamps that were designed and manufactured during the retro period the flexible gooseneck table desk lamp...More info>>
gourd-lamp Gourd Table Lamps for sale - As the name suggests, gourd retro table lamps are distinctive by the shape of the lamp stand which resembles that of a gourd. The stand is wide near the base and then tapers...More info>>
Hollywood Regency Table Lamps for sale - The Hollywood Regency style refers to the stylish elegance and modernistic feel given to a furniture piece. At the same time, pieces that were given...More info>>
Kathy Ireland Table Lamps for sale - One of the most influential designers in recent times is Kathy Ireland and the range of table lamps that have been produced bearing the Kathy Ireland name...More info>>

Mica Mission Table Lamp

Mica Table Lamps for sale - One of the more attractive types of old style table lamps that you can find is the mica table lamp, a lamp that has an amber colored lamp shade...read more
Mission Table Lamps for sale - In much the same way as rustic table lamps indicate a specific time and place in the history of American culture, mission table lamps...read more
Rustic Table Lamps for sale - With the many different types of table lamps available you are going to have to be very specific about the exact style you want to buy for a specifically themed room...More info>>
Swing Arm Table Lamps for sale - In order to extend and direct light just a little further than a standard upright table lamp, the swing arm table lamp features an arm with a rotating hinge that provides...More info>>
Teak Table Lamps for sale - Among the variety of favored materials used during the retro era when making table lamps, at least lamp stands, was wood and teak was a very popular medium...More info>>
Tiffany Table Lamps for sale - When Louis Comfort Tiffany first decided to use pieces of stained glass to create a new type of lamp shade he was actually creating the first lamp shades of a style that would be come exceedingly...More info>>
  Torchiere Table Lamps for sale - A torchiere lamp is very much like the floor lamps that casts its light upwards to the ceiling where it bounces off to create an effective ambient light source...More info>>
White Table Lamps for sale - Sometimes you want furniture in a particular style to conform to an overall look that you are trying to achieve. Other times it’s about the size of the object that you want to place in the room...More info>>
  Bamboo Table Lamps - The use of bamboo in the home provides a more textured look to a room that is slightly different to the look that other types of wood finishes can provide...More info>>
  Toleware Table Lamps - Toleware is a specific type of finish that has been applied to objects typically made from tin or thin steel. The completed designs and pictures that comprise a well finished toleware lamp can effectively turn a plain looking lamp into an object of fine art.

Retro Table Lamps

Caught up in the whole modern experimentation of the retro period were the designers of table lamps and the table lamps that were designed at the time made full use of the newer technologies such as fiberglass, Lucite, melamine and the like. A retro table lamp could just as easily be made from ceramic pottery as it was with aluminum or glass.

The kinds of retro lamps and lights that were distinctive of the era included Atomic table lamps, pendant lampshades, Tiffany lamps and the very popular ball lampshades. The lighting furnishings in the 1960s and 70s were influenced by the move into outer space and some of the lamps and lampshades are obviously influenced by developments that took place as part of the space race.

A certain style of retro table lamps that is often used to describe furniture, including lamps, that were made around this time period is known as Eames Era furniture. Charles Eames was an influential designer and architect of the 1930s through to the 1970s and produced pieces firstly using molded plywood before moving on to plastics and fiberglass. You will see many retro table lamps advertised as Eames Era lamps, but often times this is only a reference to the look of the period after which it may have been made.

Follow the links supplied above to find the type of retro table lamp that suits your purpose. There is a wide selection available to choose from with many more lamps for sale at low prices being added every day.

For information on designer table lamps you should take a look at the article about Notable Table Lamp Names and Brands.

There are more than simple retro style lamps available on the site. A recent expansion now includes a wide variety of children's table lamps. This range of table lamps has been growing daily and it is now possible to buy all types of lamps suitable for the child's bedroom.