Children’s Table Lamps

Table lamps are not restricted for the enjoyment of adults. There is a huge range of table lamps available for the children’s bedrooms and they come in all many of sizes and styles.

There are many reasons for placing a table lamp somewhere in the house. Some people like to use them as decorative objects that supply as much visual appeal when they are turned off as they do when providing illumination.

All bedrooms function better when there is a table lamp present and this is even truer in the case of a child’s bedroom. It doesn’t matter how old your child is, a table lamp of some sort will prove to be invaluable.

Starting with your newborn baby and the nursery, you should provide for the fact that some kind of light source other than the harsh overhead lighting will be required. As a new parent you will find rather quickly that your baby is going to require your attention no matter what the time of day or night. Nightly feeds and diaper changes are going to be regular occasions and a light will have to be turned on to perform these tasks.

A nursery light is a specially designed type of light that provides a soft, muted glow that will reduce the disturbance to your child. Not only that, when you have just woken in the dark and stumbled into the nursery your eyes will not take kindly to a bright light suddenly shining into them. For your comfort as well as the comfort of your baby, you will appreciate the gentler light.

It is possible to buy the cutest looking lamps featuring animals such as bunnies, elephants, puppies and kittens. They provide soft lighting that is suitable for the baby’s room providing you with the light you need to move around the room without waking the baby. Choose from the selection of baby nursery table lamps for sale.

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As your child grows older the need for a different type of lamp is going to become more obvious. Your pre-school child will start to become aware of outside influences, particularly those from the television, books and movies. This means that things such as Sesame Street, the Wind in the Willows, Ben 10, Dora the Explorer, Disney and Looney Tunes are going to start to dominate their thoughts. They will find a pressing desire to have objects around them bearing images of these favorite characters and the table lamp is going to be the perfect vehicle for these images.

A table lamp in a young child’s bedroom is going to be quite an important part of the room because one of the more common fears in small children is a fear of the dark. By placing a brightly colored table lamp featuring images of your child’s current favorite television character or an animal they really like, they will get some comfort at night. Knowing that a source of light is close enough to reach out and turn it on without having to leave the security of their bed will help to ease the fears a little bit.

The selection of cartoon character, animals and sporting themed lamps are available below. Characters such as Dora the Explorer, Ben Ten and Thomas the Tank Engine and will be enraptured by lamps featuring these types of characters. Similarly their tastes will also run to fun and bright colors that stimulate the senses. Lamps are available featuring airplanes, trains, animals and sports. Take a look at the selection of young children’s table lamps for sale below.

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Finding a way to celebrate your favorite sporting team can be easily achieved by buying a lamp featuring NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL teams. You don't have to narrow it down to a specific team with plenty of sports represented that make great table lamps. Finding a sports table lamp for a boys bedroom or a girls bedroom should be a simple matter of discussing their interests and then picking out the most appropriate size. Here are the most popular types of sporting categories for which there are table lamps available.

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The start of school means the start of new responsibilities for your child. One of those responsibilities will be the requirement to complete homework. This may mean a change to the way the bedroom is configured with a desk being brought in so that school work can be completed in comfort.

As your child grows older their tastes will mature and the presence of the old lamp may no longer be required. If a desk is now in the room it stands to reason that a desk lamp also be added to provide dedicated task lighting. Desk lamps are the logical choice to use when doing a lot of reading and writing and will also mark the progress of your child as they move towards adulthood. The desk lamp will provide the right kind of light so their eyes don’t become strained and sore. A favorite type that will provide exactly the right type of light is a gooseneck table lamp.

No matter how old your child is and what their preference is as far as design style is concerned there is a lamp that will meet their needs and help to create the right ambiance in the bedroom. The best option when choosing an appropriate lamp for a children’s bedroom is to involve your child in the decision making process. Doing so will create more of a sense of ownership for your child. It will also ensure that the lamp that is chosen for the room is actually something that your child wants rather than being simply one more thing that mom or dad has bought.

New categories of childrens table lamps are continually being added to the pages within so it is worthwhile continually checking back. Table lamps are an ideal gift for birthdays or Christmas providing a great fun or decorative piece for the child's bedroom.