Floral Ceramic Table Lamps

The use of ceramics as a table lamp base is a very popular medium and the ability to decorate them in so many ways is a big reason for that. A floral ceramic table lamp base provides us with the opportunity to add a subtle splash of color without going too far.

As can be seen by the example we have given to the right, a simple yet elegant and understated floral design on the side of this vintage table lamp is a great way to add a touch of color and interest.

The use of a floral display on the side of a ceramic lamp adds interest to what might otherwise be a plain surface. The big name designers are constantly falling back on the variations that are made available through the different styles of floral designs that may be added to the ceramic surface.

Consequently there is a staggering number of different types of floral ceramic table lamps available and they cover a range of design styles, eras and sizes. Browse through the selection of floral ceramic table lamps that are available below and make a selection to get more detailed information about any that looks interesting.

Floral Ceramic Table Lamps For Sale

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There are many different ways in which ceramic lamps are created and they also follow a range of trends some of the more modern while others are obviously styled towards the vintage eras. Gourd lamp bases make the ideal type of shape and size for a small floral display and when they are hand-painted this can create an even greater effect.

For a wide range of floral designs as well as many other creative decorative looks you might also like to visit the hand painted ceramic lamps. Another incredibly popular effect can be seen on the drip glaze ceramic lamps page.

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