Lamp Finials

In some cases it is not enough that your table lamps are made from the finest look brass or crystal and the stained glass lamp shades are stand outs. There is more to the lamp than may first meet the eye. Lamp finials are decorative odds and ends that complete the lamp in a decorative manner ensuring that the lamp base ends in a finished look.

A finial is a decorative piece that is added to decor items such as table lamps to provide accent appeal. They may be plain or they can be extremely intricate but they are usually made from some kind of material that is going to be noticed when compared to the rest of the lamp.

There are many types of lamp finials as is appropriate for the many different types of lamps and the numerous materials used to make them. If your table lamp has suffered minor damage and the finial has become lost or damaged it is possible that there is a replacement finial available to help make your lamp look whole again.

Common designs used for finials include the fleur de lis, pinapples, lacework knots, rings or knobs.

Types of Lamp Finials

If you are looking for a particular type of lamp finial to buy as a replacement for an existing lamp you may want to search based on the type of material it is made from. The following categories are available to browse through with a selection of finials for sale.

Brass finials - there is an amazing array of brass finials that range from the plain versions that are simply designed to finish or top a lamp and cover up any sharp or incomplete looking parts.

Crystal finials - an extremely distinctive statment placed on top of a decorative table lamp is a crystal lamp finial. These finials come in an amazing array of shapes and sizes from multi-faceted crystal balls to leaf shaped crystal finials and long, thin crystals.

Porcelain finials - the perfect type of finial to top a porcelain table lamp is a porcelain finial. These finials may be decorated with finely detailed hand painting or they may simply be left plain.

Antique finials - it is going to be more likely that the finial belonging to an antique table lamp is going to be broken or go missing. For this reason it may be necessary to find an antique lamp finial that matches an antique lamp. these finials are available in brass, bronze or other metals.