Notable Table Lamp Names and Brands

Table lamps are not necessarily anonymously designed pieces of furniture that are churned out in massive numbers. While some are mass produced and are manufactured to look identical, the higher end of the market caters for those who are looking for something a little more extravagant and unique. The following selection takes a brief look at some of the lamp design companies from whom it is possible to find outstanding quality lamps. These designers cover all types of lamps from bronze, glass, iron, pottery and beyond. Each company produces lamps that can be classified as following the retro style, however not all lamps produced will look like retro lamps.

Hubbardton Forge table lamps are made using old-style forging techniques to create the lamp bases. The designs for these table lamps are original and rarely fail to impress. The lamps available come in a vast array of options with the materials glass and iron comprising the bulk of the products available. Particularly striking are the table lamps featuring wrought iron work that stand out as pieces of distinction and elegance.

The Union Street Glass is another company that makes a point of creating innovative designs when it comes to their table lamps. The hand-blown glass lamps are unique and the shapes and colors are all different thanks to the special processes involved in the creation process. The lamp displayed directly below is from the Union Street Glass Morph Collection and is one of eight lamps from that particular collection, each displaying outstanding lines and unique features.

Union Street Glass Morph Table Lamp

One of the most interesting producers of decorative table lamps is Alpha Workshops. This is a social agency that trains people with AIDS/HIV in the creation of decorative arts. The Alpha Workshops table lamps are incredible pieces some of which are very reminiscent from the kinds of lamps that were produced during the retro era. Because the designs have come from a diverse range of people the end products are similarly diverse.

Italian lighting company FLOS Incorporated began producing lamps in 1962, right in the middle of the retro era, and have produced lamps that are considered classics. Consider the Arco lamp, a lamp that would have to be a timeless design that is still copied today. The name of the company emanated from the cocoon “floss” that the lighting fixtures were made with. The lamps produced today by FLOS Incorporated are sleek and modern and just a little bit edgy.

Flos Table Lamp

A lamp design company that uses a different type of material to make their lamps is Corbin Bronze. As the name of the company suggests the lamps to be produced are made out of bronze and the skilled craftsmanship has ensured that the lamps border on works of art. The range features a good proportion of lamps that can be used as stylish buffet table lamps or as decorative pieces that will create a positive impression in the room.

Corbin Bronze Lamp

Kichler Lighting supplies table lamps that cover a wide range of personalities and styles. The retro era is generously represented among the lamps from the Kichler range. The finishes include bronze, brass and nickel with desk lamps, swing arm lamps, buffet lamps and bedside lamps. No matter what type of lamp you are looking for, and the range extends to a wide range of contemporary style lamps too, you should be able to find one made by this company. If you are trying to furnish a more traditional style room, the Kichler lamps available will fit right in.

Kichler Table Lamp

Birch & Willow is a lighting company that designs and makes one-of-a-kind lamps that cater to all tastes. Inspired by the concept of light and shadow the company manufactures its lamps using natural materials making it an environmentally conscious manufacturer. The lamps are delivered in recyclable packaging and the emphasis is always on the green option. The lamps themselves are far from your ordinary look comprising twigs and bark to form the most natural and unusual looking lamps you can imagine. The lamps from the company will definitely act as a talking point and will suit both the contemporary and traditional style rooms.

Birch Willow Table Lamp

Fuoriserie is a company that creates artifacts for the home in a tasteful, everyday style. One of the products that the company is well known for is the Ecco table lamp. This style of lamp is a so-called Machine Age style and makes strong use of brass that is coated in either pewter wash or chrome. It comes with a frosted glass lamp shade to provide a diffused light. This is a very specific style of lamp that will suit the minimalist themed room with the smooth clean machine-like lines.

Cherry Tree Design specializes in hand-crafted wooden products with finely created table lamps part of the larger range of products. You will find lamps created using oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany and maple with the lamps holding a fine, mellow patina. The quality of the joinery cannot be faulted as the lamps are put together with precision and the innovative designs are outstanding. Some Cherry Tree Design table lamps are certainly the kind of items that would be placed in a traditional or rustic styled room, however the range of contemporary lamps is also inspiring. The Cherry Tree Design Gallery Table Lamp pictured here is an example of the type of fine craftsmanship available from the company.

Cherry Tree Design Table Lamp

The specialist designer table lamps described here are just a few of the various high quality and eclectic table lamps available if you are prepared to seek out something that will give your home an added edge. Other lighting specialists with table lamps worth pursuing include CX Design, CP Lighting, Donovan Design, Decorative Crafts, Lamp Works and Lite Source.