Table Lamps With Copper Bases

A style of table lamp that is not quite so common these days is a lamp featuring a copper base. The use of copper is not particularly widespread but it does create a very attractive feature piece with a rather rustic feel to it. Embracing this type of old style is the hammered copper effect and these lamps are particularly attractive for their authentic antique appearance.

The rich red/brown patina of copper adds a great deal of warmth to the room and when the lamp is alight, the copper base can look as though it is almost glowing. Copper is the type of material one might like to choose when trying to add some character and charm to a room.

Browse through the selection of table lamps with copper bases that are displayed below. Some are antiques and others merely take on the antique look through the quality and appeal of the copper material that is used in their construction.

Copper Based Table Lamps For Sale

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There are specific styles of table lamps that also provide that wonderful old-world feel thanks to the quality of the metal finish that is used in either the base or the shades. It is definitely worthwhile browsing through the Mica table lamps page as well as the Mission table lamps page. In both cases it might be possible to find some lamps that make good use of copper.

If you still can't find a lamp that suits your needs you should take a look at the more general category of our antique table lamps.