Why Not Buy A Pottery Table Lamp

A type of table lamp that provides you with the potential for matching into any style of room no matter whether it is a rustic or old fashioned style or a more modern contemporary room is a pottery table lamp. Pottery is a great material that is versatile in the way it can be decorated and the shapes into which the base may be formed.

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Those who have the ability to create fine pottery should consider turning out pottery table lamp bases from their studio. The various types of pottery lamp bases may be constructed, thrown or otherwise built give you the options of either creating a finely wrought base or a more chunky and heavy version.

If you are looking for somewhere to start with some quality types of lamp bases made from pottery you may want to check out a few of the following names:

Haeger Pottery Table Lamps

Fulper Pottery Table Lamps

Jersey Pottery Table Lamps

Poole Pottery Table Lamps

Weller Pottery Table Lamps

McCoy Pottery Table Lamps

Pfaltzgraff Pottery Table Lamps

Van Briggle Pottery Table Lamps

Rowe Pottery Table Lamps

Shawnee Pottery Table Lamps

Roseville Pottery Table Lamps

Longaberger Table Lamps

Falkenstein Lamps

You might also like to check out the pottery lamps from various cultures including:

Italian Pottery Table Lamps

Mexican Pottery Table Lamps

Chinese Pottery Table Lamps

And other types of pottery lamps such as:

Stoneware Pottery Table Lamps

The idea that pottery table lamps simply mean one single type of lamp design is far from the truth. In fact when you start your quest to add a pottery table lamp to your home you are going to have to consider exactly what it is you have in mind.

Depending on the part of the world that the pottery was performed your lamp will take on a vastly different appearance. Even those that are made within the US are going to vary greatly depending on region, era and even craftsman.

Just to give you some idea of what you are up against, here is a brief rundown of some of the different sorts of pottery table lamps you may be choosing from.

Vintage Pottery Lamps

You don’t necessarily have to find a quality pottery lamp by walking through the retail stores or looking in the major furniture retailers. Pottery is an age-old craft that was perfected hundreds of years ago. The techniques that were developed back in those earlier days are still in use today and the innovation and attention to detail in the vintage lamps is far greater than the mass produced lamp bases that are churned out today.

Vintage pottery lamps are collectable items that can offer great rewards both as items of monetary value but more importantly, as decoratively valuable items.

Many companies went through a series of changes as they developed and the ceramics that were produced reflected these changes. When you collect vintage pottery such as lamps you have the opportunity of tracing the development of the lamps that were produced enabling a timeline to be drawn. It can be a fascinating way to build a worthwhile pottery lamp collection.

Mexican Pottery Lamps

The process of creating high quality and durable pottery was mastered by the Mexican craftsmen over a long period of time and the results can be found today with great examples coming out of Mexico.

Styles of Mexican table lamps include Tarahuma Indian pottery lamps and Talavera pottery lamps, both of which were traditionally handmade and decorated. The appearance of these lamps is vastly different and serves as a great example of just how diverse the Mexican artistic style can be.

The lamps that are made from Mexican pottery can be extremely diverse and can be very rewarding to place in your home.

Native American Pottery Lamps

The most commonly collected types of Native American pottery lamps are those that come from the southwest Indians. These lamp bases are designed with tremendous decorative appeal using the artistic talents of the traditional Navaho, Anasazi and Zuni people.

By adding a few pieces of Native American pottery to a home that is influenced by the more rustic styles you will find that these lamps will fit right in.

Italian Pottery Lamps

A style of pottery lamp that is completely different to some of the other more rustic style of pottery is that used to create Italian pottery lamps. The Italian ceramic and pottery designs and patterns are hand-painted and hand-fired to result in some of the most exquisite pieces you will ever see.

The attention to detail in the finish of some of the lamps is exemplary giving you a lamp base that will prove to be a great asset in your home. Lamps that were crafted in the Tuscan region will be vastly different to those from the Mediterranean so you can be sure that there is a great diversity in the selection of Italian pottery lamps too.

There are a lot of different traditional pottery pieces that can inspire some of the more creative designs. Talavera pottery is a particularly colourful style that originated from Mexico and will definitely introduce an inspiring feature to the room. It is definitely worthwhile checking out the possibilities with Talavera lamps.

New Mexico has inspired some of the most definitive patterns and styles courtesy of Native American influences such as those from the Navajo artwork. These translate onto lamp bases very nicely and could be keenly sought to create a centrepiece to any room.

You should be able to find pottery lamps that have been inspired from just about any corner of the globe. Pottery has been a staple material for the creation of many fine vessels and a table lamp base is merely another example of these vessels.

If you would like to see a selection of images of lamps to give you an idea of the types that are available you should visit the pottery table lamps page.